Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Memoriam

This morning I received the sad news that my Aunt Diane was in a traffic accident. She died at the scene of the accident. (The link above will take you to the accident report.)

I will always think of my aunt Diane as a women who loved her family, her church, and a good laugh!

Some of my fondest memories of Diane come from my visits to the farm, her telling stories about when my brothers and I came to visit; her consternation at having to cook eggs 'just so' so that my brother would eat them; my inability to drive the tractor at my first attempt (and the humorous consequences of that!); and for the way she would roll her eyes and give a pained laugh if someone told a joke that was a bit blue.

My aunt made the best baked goods! "A little lunch" at the farm always consisted of a number of her cookies, bars, or cakes. And it was a light lunch if there were only three fresh baked goods on the table at the same time.

Her excess in baking was exceeded only by the love she exuded for her family. My aunt is survived by her Husband, Richard, her two kids and their spouses, and three grandchildren. She will be sorely missed. She is probably baking up a storm in the afterlife right now.

God bless you, Diane and "Uff-Da!"

Don Bergquist - June 22, 2010 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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