Friday, June 25, 2010

Adventures In Travel

Well, I made it! I pulled into my dad's drive around four o'clock this morning and what an adventure!

The flight that was coming in from Tampa, the one I was flying out on, came in about an hour late because they'd had a medical emergency en route and this somehow delayed the plane. (Though I would have expected they'd want to speed it up to get here and get the passenger to the emergency services rather than slow down…)

The EMTs worked on the woman, who came out of the plane in a wheelchair, and she left the airport on a stretcher, but apparently awake, lucid, and okay. They then had to service the plane and replace the emergency oxygen and other supplies they had used in flight. This took place and the flight left a little more than an hour late.

They made-up some time in transit, but we still arrived in Minneapolis around midnight. I picked-up my car and headed up to Kensington. And other than a deer hitting me on the interstate (ran right out onto the highway and smack-dab into the side of my car – thankfully, there was no damage and I do not believe I killed the deer) the drive up was uneventful.

The rosary and funeral for my aunt Diane is today so I had best put away my notes and get ready for to go. I will be posting this up to the web when I return.

Wherever you are today, I hope your day will be uneventful!

Don Bergquist – June 25, 2010 – Kensington, Minnesota, USA

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