Saturday, June 19, 2010


It is Saturday morning, and the GPS reports that there are 1589 miles remaining of the journey.

Yesterday's journey was pretty uneventful. We met at a Mexican restaurant in Charleston for lunch and ate out on the patio (dog friendly so Saga could hang with us) under the canopy in the rain.

Just as we were finishing lunch, Fritz called, he was finished with the last tasks and on his way so Saga and I waited at Wentworth Avenue so Saga could say good bye to her "emergency backup daddy." My friends all love Saga and think she is a dog more like a cat than any they have previously encountered.

Other than torrential rain that we encountered just outside of Charleston, the road was good. The sunset was lovely, and we made good time up to Chapin. Last evening, My cousins and I spent time reminiscing, telling her boys the stories that we hold dear about our parents. We said good night around eleven.

This morning, I was awake early and really tried to get back to sleep but after an hour-long nap, I could not get back to sleep again and decided to get out of bed around six. After showering and packing everything back into the car, Saga and I sat watching the weather channel for the forecast. It does appear that I will take the default route.

It appears that there is a front blowing through Arkansas and Tennessee that may cause severe thunderstorms. Argh! Kansas it is, then!

I was just leaving a note around seven when my cousin woke-up. Good! I really didn’t want to skulk off without saying good bye, but I also didn't want to wake them up. Their rising at just the right time allowed me to be beaten mercilessly by my cousin, Christopher at Wii bowling before getting on the road. (Nothing like a crushing defeat to make you want to hit the highway!)

Wherever you are today, I hope that your morning has begun with a win!

Don Bergquist – June 19, 2010 – Chapin, South Carolina, USA

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