Friday, April 20, 2007

Travel Tidbits

It is a lovely spring morning here in Lakewood, Colorado, so of course, I am leaving it! I got-up this morning to get some photographs of the lovely day that I am leaving behind. I then finished packing and got ready for the shuttle.

I was planning on writing about what a lovely day it is here, but instead, I think I want to write about the conversations it is possible for one to overhear in the train on the way to one's concourse in the Denver Airport.

Terminal to Concourse A:
"Hurry, Dad!" The small child shrilled, coming-up behind me suddenly. "The train is coming!"

The train was, indeed, coming. It was just about to pull into the station and as such, there was no real hurry. The train, once in the station would open the far doors and disgorge itself of its passengers before opening the doors facing us, allowing us to board.

"I call that side!" shouted a second child coming up to the first child who was now standing, nose-to-glass, against the doors through which we would eventually board the vehicle.

"No fair!" called a third stumbling against the first two as he tripped over his own carry-on.

There were, actually, four in all, but the little girl who came last was quiet and said not a word for the entire time. It was a hoot watching them on the train, the perched at the front of the train and watched in wonder as it automatically switched onto its outbound track.

"Look here come the fans!" One of them called.

"Those are so cool!" Piped in the second boy.

"Lean forward or you'll be blown over backward." Said the third boy, wrapping his arm protectively around his little sister's shoulders.

Even the seasoned travelers in the train had to smile in the vicarious delight spilling off the children as they watched in awe all the short journey to the A concourse.

Concourse A to Concourse B:
"What terminal are we going to?" The woman asking the question is loaded down with a large purse, a carry-on, and has toys stashed under each arm. The woman answering has a similar load. The little girl between them is perhaps seven or eight years old and is unencumbered.

"B." Replied the first woman's traveling companion, checking their boarding passes.

"When are we going to be there?" Asked the little girl.

"One more flight." Answered the first woman. "Are you looking forward to Disneyland?"

"Aren't we going to Disney World?" Asked the girl. (Alright! At least it isn’t just me who is a stickler for accuracy!)

"That's what I meant." Replied the first woman.

The second woman stood there still looking at their boarding passes.

"Better check the tickets," The first woman said. "They're in opposite directions from here."

Concourse B to Concourse C:
"I want to sit by the window!" This was said by a child of perhaps seven or eight to another child of approximately the same age as they entered the train at concourse B. They gave the impression that this discussion had been going on for a while, an impression that was heightened by the war-weary look on the faces of the parents of the children.

"No!" Complained the second child. "I want to sit by the window!"

"Nobody gets to sit by the window." Said the dad. "We're going to check you two as luggage!"

It is amazing what you hear if you keep your ears open.

I hope that wherever you are today, you are aware of your surroundings.

Don Bergquist - April 20, 2007 - Denver International Airport, Aurora, Colorado USA

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