Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Missions Accomplished!

What a productive day; busy, to be sure, but also successful! I got everything that was on my list to be done for Monday done. There were also a couple things that were on my list for Tuesday that I also got done. I now have basically, laundry, packing, and a bit of shopping left and I am ready to head back to London.

(You see, unlike my president, I know what that phrase means!)

I have to say, what wankers at the DMV! They really need to get their act together. Two of my trips yesterday were unnecessary and one was a complete waste of my time. My car is a Honda Civic Hybrid. According to Colorado Law, these vehicles are exempt from the requirement for emissions testing. It came with a big sticker on the windscreen saying so.

This spring, I got a card saying that I had to renew my registration and the card was marked with a bright yellow stripe saying "EMISSIONS TEST REQUIRED." I, knowing it to be an error, sent my payment, the card, and a note explaining that my car was emissions testing exempt, being a hybrid and all, to the county well before the deadline. Instead of getting my stickers back, I got a note explaining that I had "forgotten" to include the emissions testing results.

So I went to the emissions test center yesterday and tried to get the test. They refused to test it as the car is exempt from the testing. I then went to the county offices to get my stickers and they asked me for the emissions test results. I once again explained that my car was exempt and was told to go get it tested. I waited for that person to get busy with someone else and tried explaining it to a different person. This person was positively obsequious.

"Yes, sorry, Mr. Bergquist." He explained. "When your car was bought, we Hybrids were still new and we thought that they would be exempt only for five years. The state senate has decided to make them exempt in perpetuity."

I explained that he should let his colleagues know that, explained the problems I had and was apologized to again. Ah, well. I still finished my agenda and got ahead of the stuff I needed to do.

All-in-all, a good day!

I hope that wherever you are today, you'll have a good day!

Don Bergquist - April 17, 2007 - Denver, Colorado USA

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