Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yule Blog: Feast of the Holy Innocents

On the way into the office I took the long bike route. I really need this if I am going to recover from the party food I have been subsisting on for most of the past week. I feel like some sort of experiment gone awry. (I gorge myself for science so you don't have to!)

I did take a major step toward returning to normal mode this morning. I went to the 'fridge and discarded all the party food that was in there. (Most of it was beyond saving at this time anyway, but it was still in there.)

All the time that I was cleaning-out the refrigerator I was hearing the voice of my mother: "Don't waste that food, young man. There are starving children in Asia that would kill for that food!" (Can anyone find me an envelope to send this stuff to Asia?)

I've decided that there is no reason for me to buy anything but good, healthy, Weight Watchers-approved foods. I am going to be good… really!

I hope that wherever you are today, you're being good! (Or if not, I hope that you're at least enjoying yourself!)

Don Bergquist - 28 December 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Saga, from Blade and Kelly!

Don Bergquist said...


Many thanks for the reminder. I had been wrong in my recollection. I had been working with the 24th as her birth date. Oops!

I have corrected my entry for her and moved it to today. Thanks for the reminder!


Don Bergquist said...


Woof, woof-woof, grrr! Grr-woof arf! Whimper arf whimper! (Butt sniff, crotch sniff.) Grrr. (more sniffing around the nether-regions - pause to lick myself) Woof!

(more sniffing whilst baring my teeth) Woof! Grr-arf-woof. Woof-woof-arf. Growl. Tail wag.


Editor said...

The author of this blog, having lived for the past four years as the slave of a Canaan Dog has become fluent in the Canaan dialect. The message addressed to Blade above is a direct translation into Canaan Dog of the English text addressed to Kelley.

Blade is Saga's litter-mate (her big brother) and therefore also speaks Canaan Dog. (…although, admittedly, Saga is beginning to speak it with a slight British accent. It must have something to do with all those nights in the pub!)