Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve Eve

As this is the first time I have spent Christmas away from the family, away from home, and abroad I felt it deserved additional entries in my blog to commemorate the events of the holidays. Think of this as a Holiday Weblog or a Yule Blog!

The holiday season started last night with a dinner party over in East Molesey at a friend's place. We had a lovely dinner: Cottage Pie, English Peas and Baked Beans. Yum! Unfortunately, I had spent a full day at work by noon and then had the last shopping for this evening's party to finish so I was completely knackered and had to leave shortly after dessert.

This morning, I got up late. I slept in until Saga came up to the second floor to tell me it was time for her to go and chase whatever it was that was in the back garden. I let her out, made coffee and inventoried the contents of the cupboard. There were a couple things I needed still. (Why is it even if I have a list, I always forget something at the store?)

So I wouldn't get worn-out before the end of the party, I then took a nap. Unfortunately, I got up later than I had hoped and was still putting out the party snacks when people started to arrive. Oh well!

It was a good turn-out; most of the usual suspects showed-up: Terry and Angie, Angie's Parents, John and Beryl, Kevin, John and Debbie and their daughter, Jennifer, and Joe and Sue all joined me and Saga to celebrate the holidays! Saga made out light a bandit! She was able (Somehow) to convince everyone that Daddy doesn't feed her enough and get party treats "accidentally" dropped on the floor.

The last of the guests left some time after ten and I was left with enough energy to get most of the washing-up done before sitting down to upload these photographs and write tonight's Yule Blog entry. But the night is catching-up with me. I should end this and get to bed.

Oh! And continuing a tradition I started a while back and reporting the alcohol consumption at my parties: Not counting the two-litres of Mulled Wine that we started-out with, the following were is the tally of alcohol consumed at my Christmas Eve Eve party as tallied from the bottles to be added to the recycling bin this morning:

Wine, Read - 5 bottles; Wine, White - 2.5 Bottles, Leffe Blonde 1 1.5 Litre bottle and one 12-oz Bottle; Hot Bier (a wonderful beverage that Terry brought which ended-up mostly on the other guests when it exploded) 1 Litre, Assorted British Ales - 12 Pint Bottles, 2 Pint Cans; Pilsner - 5 12-oz Bottles and a bottle of something called Kriek that someone brought that I have never heard of.

I hope that your holidays (Whichever holidays they are and wherever you are) are wonderful!

Don Bergquist - 23 December 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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