Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yule Blog: Boxing Day (Feast of St. Stephen)

Ah! What a lovely day! My fears that Saga would, in some way, misbehave were unfounded. She was an angel all day. She loved going to the pub and hanging-out. She lay on the couch with the wrinklies as we opened presents. Terry's and Angie's parents all loved (or seemed to) having her to pet.

She watched in interest as each present was unwrapped and we tossed the wrappings aside. Periodically she would sniff at something on of her fellow couch residents would unwrap, just on the off-chance that it was edible and not headed her way!

The whole day was perfect, the meal was fabulous but if I don't put on more than a few pounds from that meal, then the laws of physics have been repealed! The meal was described as a five-course affair. I stopped counting at the first cheese board. I opted out of one or two of the courses because it was too much! Terry and Angie outdid themselves.
We had a fish course that was a lovely prawn on a bed of deviled crab! That was followed by a roast turkey with two kinds of dressing and four vegetables. Then there was a lovely traditional flaming Christmas pudding followed by a baked camembert. We then had liquors and Belgian truffles. Coffee and cordials were followed by a selection of cheeses.

Without a doubt, I needed the ride this morning! I got the bike out around sunrise this morning and did my twenty-mile route to get some of those calories off! It was a bit chilly but dry and otherwise not bad for riding!

This afternoon, I am giving Saga a break and letting her take some alone time. I'll be riding up to the pub for a Boxing Day Dinner at the pub. There are going to be a large group of us celebrating Boxing Day with a traditional pub dinner. (Just what I need, more food!)

There has certainly been a surfeit of things to satisfy me this Christmas Season! I hope that wherever you are this Christmas Season, there is no dearth of things for you to do with your friends and family!

Don Bergquist - 26 December 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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