Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Wind

There is a poem I remember from my youth that I have been thinking a lot about recently:

The Wind
By E. Randall
Why does the wind so want to be
Here in my little room with me?
He's all the world to blow about,
But just because I keep him out
He cannot be a moment still,
But frets upon my window sill.
And sometimes brings a noisy rain
To help him batter upon the pane.
He rattles, rattles at the lock
And lifts the latch and stirs the key--
Then waits a moment breathlessly,
And soon, more fiercely than before,
He shakes my little trembling door,
And though "Come in, Come in!" I say,
He neither comes nor goes away.
Barefoot across the chilly floor
I run and open wide the door;
He rushes in and back again
He goes to batter door and pane,
Pleased to have blown my candle out.
He's all the world to blow about,
Why does he want so much to be
Here in my little room with me?

- - -

The Poem has been much on my mind of late because in the spring there seems to be A HELL OF A LOT OF WIND in the UK!

I guess that I didn't notice it on my previous trips because I wasn't riding a bicycle everywhere; this time, it is hard to miss. Everywhere, flags and banners are being held out from their masts. The trees whip their bare branches at the sky as the clouds race by.

It is, of course all a part of the constantly changing face of the United Kingdom. I have to say, at least this week, being in London really blows me away!

I hope that wherever you are today, you are blown away by wherever you are and whatever you are doing!

Don Bergquist - 28-March-2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom

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