Monday, May 19, 2008

Living In A Hypocrasy

No! It is not a misspelling! It is a new word. Think about it.

An "autocracy" is government via the edict on a sole, self-appointed leader. (A dictatorship... from the Greek for sole power or poser over one's self.)

A "democracy" is government via democratic method. (Direct vote... No, America is not a democracy, it is a representative republic.)

A "plutocracy" is government via edict of the weathy ("Plouto" comes from the Greek for wealth.)

A "theocracy" is government via divine sanction. ("Theo" meaning "God" + "Cracy" meaning government.)

So via the same entomological derivation, a "hypocracy" is government via hypocrisy.

I do not know if you saw the President the other day, I didn't, but I heard a news story yesterday while driving that really sheds light on how blatant his hypocracy (and hypocrisy) is. While in Israel for the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of its founding; (I understand that the president, by the way was upset... "It's a birthday party, what? No cake? Must be a Jewish thing.") he finally launched an attack on the Democrats for their willingness to talk to the Palestinians.

In a none-too-veiled reference to the current front-running Democrat, he equated doing with being a sympathizer (or appeaser) of Adolph Hitler! (And my sister nearly decked me for making an old - and loving - joke in which I refer to her when we were children as being a Nazi.) But to accuse Obama as being a Nazi Sympathizer in Israel, on the anniversary of its founding after the second world war!? THAT is just beyond the pall.

Is this not the same man who was blasting everyone he could for even voicing opposition to his policy while abroad as it would make America look bad? Is it really okee-dokee for him to make attacks on the man who will very probably be the next president which are unwarranted (though entirely within his first amendment rights - yes... the bill of rights applies to the president as well!) and then try and prevent anyone that disagrees with his disastrous policies from speaking on the grounds that they should somehow just shut-the-#@&! up? That they are somehow un-American to speak their minds?

Look, Mr. President: You're either going to get into the fray or you're not. You swear that you aren't going to get into it and then you take the bully pulpit and make comments that you know (or should - presumably they taught you something by the time you got out of Yale!) would be taken as inflammatory.

I for one think that Janruary 21, 2009 to get here!

Wherever you are today, I hope that you will have a great day!

Don Bergquist - May 19, 2008 - Kensington, Minnesota, USA

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