Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Things

It is amazing the little things that I find myself missing now that I am living back at home in the US. Sure, I miss my friends; I miss going down to the pub and having a Tanglefoot with them, I miss our having a curry periodically… but those are big things to me.

The little things I miss? Tuna with sweet corn. Every place I ever had a tuna salad over there it had sweet corn in it. It was yummy and seems pretty simple, but no matter how I try, mine just doesn't seem the same. I miss "good" cheese at the supermarket.

A friend of mine from the UK came over to the US with his wife a few years back. (This was before I had spent appreciable time there.) While they were visiting, I threw a party for them. Brian accompanied me on my shopping trip and helped-out getting the food for the party ready. I remember thinking that he was being a bit pretentious complaining about the cheese selection at the local King Soopers. The thing is, I now know exactly what he meant. There is not even a good deli around me that I know of that has anything like the selection available at the local Sainsbury's in Kingston or Surbiton.

But I think mostly I miss gardening! I miss getting the mower out every weekend and doing the mindless chore of mowing the back garden, pruning the blackberry brambles, making the garden presentable.

At the house the company rented, we didn’t have a service to do this so the chore fell to us to maintain the garden (it was in the lease) and being the sole really long-term (read that "practically permanent") resident of The Villa, I usually got stuck doing the garden. I grumbled for show, but in truth, I really enjoyed it. And I think that I did a passable job! (No, I am being humble. I think I made the garden lood Damn Good!)

I think that this was brought-on by the fact that the gardeners at my condo complex are late in doing the lawn there. It used to be mowed every Tuesday. As of last night it was looking pretty ragged. Ah well, I can plant trees and flowers in my area. That will have to do.

Wherever you are, I hope that you are doing something that you enjoy!

Don Bergquist – May 15, 2008 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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