Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Back Of The Front

The morning started with a bang. (Well, technically, with a boom!)

A front passed over Lakewood yesterday afternoon/last night heralded by cloud cover and winds. Some time over night, the cloud cover built and the rain started; a nice, soft rain that wets everything slowly and soaks in!

Just the kind of rain that I needed to water in the grass seed, plants, and trees that I planted over the past weekend. Knowing the rain was coming, I didn't put out the sprinkler last night when I got home from the office.

This morning with the rain falling and the winds calmed to a good stiff breeze, the thunder and lightening started. It was a nice, cool evening so I was sleeping with the windows open; at about 03:00, I heard the first rumblings. (For all I know I'd slept through earlier rumbles, but this was the first I'd heard.)

The thunder echoed off the front range a few miles to the west and filled the valley I live in with a sound more like a jet flying over or a truck on a distant highway than like a thunderclap. I lay there wondering what I had heard for a while. Saga stirred in the next room; I could hear her name tag jingle against her rabies vaccination tag. Just as I was about to close my eyes and try to sleep again the room was ablaze with light. The after image of the room danced in negative before my eyes after the room darkened again. And then, even though I was half-expecting it, a large clap of thunder made me jump. That was close!

Saga came into the room at a trot, jumped on the bed and worked her way under the covers. She gave me one sheepish look and then curled-up and started snoring. Half out of bed after my start anyway, I hopped over to the window, closed it and pulled the curtains closed.

I was able to get a quick nap in before it was time to get up for work. Walking Saga later, I saw that the storm, while full of sound and fury, and barely left a trace in the rain gauge. Everything was nicely wet, the leaves were dripping contentedly as we passed. The ground had that pleasant squishy feel that indicates that the grass is getting a good sip of water.

Both the weather casters I saw this morning on the two local stations I switch between in the mornings, are saying that we are going to have this rain most of the day! That's great! We need the moisture!

But now, it's time to head out to the office. Saga is curled-up in the easy chair here in my home office, and the house is secured against the possibility of heavier rain today.

Wherever you are, I hope that your day is a lovely one!

Don Bergquist - May 07, 2008 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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