Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thanks And Credit Where It Is Due

I need to take a moment and answer the one most frequent question I get when I travel: "Who is taking care of Saga?"

I have to say that I have some really good friends. I have no idea how I got so lucky! When the trip to South Africa came up and I had to go (almost immediately) I asked if Terry and Angie would mind watching Saga. They said that they would be happy to watch her. My colleague here from Denver also offered to watch her.

Terry and Angie took over from Tony when it turned-out that he was working ungodly long hours. Thanks to all three of you for making it possible for me to do my job and take this last minute trip I was asked to take. Saga was well cared for, she looks great. The only thing that even lets me know that she is happy to see me back is the fact that she keeps a close eye on me now that I am home. She doesn’t want me out of her sight (lest I pack my bags and leave again).

It is nice to have such great friends that I know I can count on! I thank my friends for all they do for me and I know that Saga does too!

I hope that wherever you are today, you have friends you can count on!

Don Bergquist - 11 March 2007 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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