Friday, March 16, 2007

Another Lovely Day!

I am sitting in the lounge at The Villa; the garden door open allowing in the chill morning air, Saga staring at me wondering if I am at the computer hiding food behind the monitor. It is truly a lovely day! Which is odd because as recently as last night's 19:00 newscast on BBC was calling for today to be an overcast, cold and miserable day! They even said the "S" word last night on the preview for the weekend.

With the spring coming on strong and the sunrise getting earlier every morning, day is bright even though it is not yet 06:00. I am soon going to have to sleep with the shades, shutters and curtains drawn if I want to sleep past 04:00. (Not that I sleep long past then as a habit. Having a nice lie-in for me is not getting out of bed until after seven!)

Saga has decided that I've had quite enough time with whatever is so damn interesting to me over here at the computer. She has come over to investigate. Poor thing that I have nothing to offer. Ah well, I'm wasting daylight! I need to get on my bike and head into the office. It's still early enough that I can take the long ride in and get a few extra miles in for the week!

I hope wherever you are this morning, its dawning bright and clear!

Don Bergquist - 16 March 2007 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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