Tuesday, January 03, 2006

With friends like I've got...

All the way into East Molesey I practiced my lines:

"Hey, guys!"

[they speak] - (Note: I said I was practicing my lines, not theirs... The "they speak" parts will be their lines, probably heavy with protestation and enticement for me to stay and have "just one more beer.")

"I've just got time for one... Can I buy anyone one while I am at the bar?"

[they speak]

"Nah! It's okay. I have the first round. But I can only stay for one... 'School Night' you know. Have to be sharp at work tomorrow."

[they speak]

"Well, okay then. Twist my arm! But two is my definite limit."

All the way from East Molesey into Hampton Court to the pub, it was a replay - I practiced my lines:

"Nah! I really can't stay for another round. I have to leave. This is me headed home. Early night."

[they speak]

"Yes, it has been lovely seeing you again and you'll buy the first round next time!"

[they speak]

[I leave.]

When I actually arrived at the pub, I quickly reviewed as I walked in the door:

"Just one tonight guys, early night. Have to be fit and aware tomorrow!"

In all actuality, it was my friends that started out.

"Great party last night, eh? Can I get you a Beer?" (Terry was already at the bar.)

"Sure. Yes, it was a great party. Thanks for the invite I really had fun. When did you guys finally get to bed?"

"The last guest left around four this morning so, I guess about 04:30. This will have to be an early night for us."

"Oh? Well, okay. If you insist."

I did later own up that I had been practicing to offer much the same admonishment. They had just beaten me to it.

We had a pleasant evening, drinking beer, discussing the weekend. Making plans to meet-up at the pub the next weekend. And then we left. In time to make it home to see "Piffle and Balderdash" on the BBC. (No, that was not an editorial, it was the title of a show on etymology.)

At least, they left in time. Another friend of mine was at the pub that I had not seen in a while and we started talking. (All intentions to the contrary... What is it they say about a certain thoroughfare and good intentions?) I left the pub around ten, returned home around eleven and was in bed dead to the world only a few minutes later.

This morning, I am fresh as a daisy and ready to take on any project I can get at the office! I love having a cast-iron constitution. I thank my parents for it every day!

I hope your day was as pleasant and that you do everything you intend to do today. (Or have fun not doing it!)

Don Bergquist - 03-January-2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom

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