Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Good Morning!

It was quite some party last night! There was, as predicted plenty of ale and conversation. My friend, Kevin picked me up and took me into the village. Saved me a two mile walk! Thanks, Kev!

The entire gang was there and the pub was bustling. I split my time between the party going on in the main bar and the party going on back by the second fireplace. I got to see almost everyone I have grown to look forward to seeing here in the UK. A couple people did not make it to the pub for one reason or another but most of my friends from over here were there.

At midnight there was a toast and confetti cannons there was glitter, paper streamers, and confetti all over every thing. Then the party got rocking. The dance floor was packed. It was a great time and I cannot think of any way I would rather bring in the new year! Thank you to all my friends here for making me feel welcome!

I shared a car back to Thames Ditton with Angie, Terry and Terry and got back believing I beat my co-workers who had gone to Trafalgar Square. I found out this morning that they had not gone. Had they, rail work on the line back from Waterloo to Surbiton would have mean that they would have trouble getting home. They turned in early so that they could go out to do their sightseeing this morning.

It's a quiet morning at home for me today, then off to Molesey to a party at Terry and Angie's house. So here I sit, sipping my coffee and writing my blog entry. I guess it is time to buckle down and commit...

It is, after all, that time again. Time to make the dreaded resolutions.

For 2006, I resolve...

...To cut back on the trips I take to The Kings Arms. Too much of a good thing makes too much of me! I resolve not to go more than three time a week.

...To not replace the trips I am not taking to The Kings Arms with trips to the other pubs more conveniently located.

...To replace the exercise I would get walking to the pub with something comparable.

...To not leave the UK with more than I brought on me!

I may have some non-British-Pub-based resolutions but I do not think I am going to share them here! I hope that your new year is filled with everything you want and need. Resolve to make it so!

Don Bergquist - 01-January-2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom

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