Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Getting Around Town

For those of you who know me and know that I am an avid driver, you may be wondering how I am doing without my wheels. I miss them terribly. Also, it was too expensive to consider bringing my recumbent bicycle with me as a mode of transportation (not that those tiny little 18" road wheels would have done too well on the cobbled streets and the rough pavement) so I was without any wheels for most of my trips here over the last fourteen months.

Luckily, (and again I owe huge thanks to) my friends over here, Terry and Angie said they had a bicycle that was just sitting in their garden shed that they could lend me. It was in need of a few things like some new brake pads and there was a worn sprocket. Having gotten those fixed, I now have a set of wheels for use in London.

And since my trips here now look like they will last well into the spring, I also have a way of countermanding the natural effects of all this wonderful beer I get over here.

So, I get to ride all over the area and see all the things I need to see and I am having a wonderful time.

I hope that today finds you mobile and free to do what brings you pleasure!

Don Bergquist - 17-January-2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom

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