Thursday, January 05, 2006

Seeing Stars

I believe that this is possibly the wettest place I have ever lived!

Strong statement from one whose fondest childhood memory is of spending time in the summer at Juniper Springs. The long afternoons my brothers, sister, and I would spend playing in the omnipresent drizzle; hide-and-seek in the palmetto stands around the campsite, running through the drippy woods to play in the shallow springs, trekking in the rain down to the big spring to see who could stand the cold of the water longest.

But this place is no summer memory of impossibly green palmettos and freedom from care or responsibility. This is the real world. Sure, London is impossibly green. The grass needs to be mowed this weekend. And there are palmettos. There is one in our back garden, for instance. But when reality sets in, it is to the office I now scamper through the omnipresent drizzle. Of off to the market, the restaurants or the pub. It is, almost like living in Seattle. (Except here, all the coffee is instant! Yuck!)

Last night, however on the way home, I noticed I was not being pelted by falling water. In fact what was coming down on me was... Nothing! It had stopped raining. I looked up, half expecting that God was playing a practical joke on me and that I would immediately get soaked by water hanging just above my head but none was there. In fact, I saw stars! Okay, only five of them through a break in the clouds, but there were STARS overhead!

According to the weather, and I have to steel my nerves for this one, we should have a partly sunny day today! I am overjoyed! I can hardly wait. Do they still have that big bright thing in the sky? I can hardly wait to see.

Well, I hope that your day is looking to be bright and sunny for you! Have a great day!

Don Bergquist - 05-January-2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom

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Hyperspider said...

5 stars, hmmmm, experience: in the cool, crisp mountain air of Telluride