Thursday, January 26, 2006

Belgium: A Wrap-Up

Angie & Terry
Getting There (!)
Hotel Bero
"In the lift(!) In the lift(!) In the lift(!)"
Just one more
Kwak Bier
Lovely Buildings (!)
My(!) My(!) My(!)
No beer for me thanks, It's before noon(!!)
Okay, it's afternoon (somewhere)
"Quack it's pronounced 'Quack'"
"Real Cheese(!!!)"
Sea Side
Tim's Bar
Underwater in the Hotel Pool
Very Late? No, Very Early(!)
Walking in Brugge
X(!) Nothing about Belgium Starts with "X"(!)
Yes, We played charades on the train on the way home
Zounds, that's all twenty six(!!!)

When trying to get my thoughts in order to write a quick follow-up for my trip to Belgium, I thought of how to best do it. Alphabetical is as good as any, I thought so there it is.

Of the things that impressed me the most about Belgium, I would have to say it was the beer. It is everywhere. And, no! It's not just me and my friends, though, those who know me know that I do like the occasional beer! It is everywhere. The bars (and restaurants that serve alcohol) all open in the mornings and are serving beer at breakfast. I remember seeing the restaurants open on every one of my morning walks.

They do not even blink when someone orders beer at breakfast. I think that perhaps I caused more of a stir on Sunday morning when I ordered Coffee for my first round rather than beer.

The food was also excellent on my visit (I dread the thought of seeing what I weigh on Friday!) as was the company. I am glad my friends invited me. the people I met were so warm and friendly.

I hope you are having a warm and friendly day where you are!

Don Bergquist - 26-January-2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom

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