Monday, January 23, 2006

Return to London

I am sitting in The King's Arms writing my blog entry for the day. What a day it has been! After a bit of a lie-in, I woke-up at 09:00 but then I was out 'til well after three this morning.

We did a bit of shopping in Oostende (I stopped at the chocolatiers for presents for my housemates and friends back in the UK) and then checked-out and packed up for home. With a brief stop at the border for provisions, we made the crossing back to the UK via the tunnel.

The only thing of note in that was that I was stopped at passport control and questioned again (as I was a few weeks when first entering the county) about why I was in the UK. I now have a new visa stamp in my passport. We had sandwiches on the train over and made good time back to Surrey. I unpacked quickly and made my way to the King's Arms for dinner. I hope it will not be too late! I am completely knackered!

It was a good trip, though and I am glad to have had the opportunity to do go! Oh, and one thing that I have missed - the running tourists!

Angie and Terry show how to comply with the Tourisme signs in Europe.

I hope that your day has given you something to remember as well!

Don Bergquist - 23-January-2006 - Hampton Court, Middlesex, United Kingdom

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