Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dinner with Friends

After our return from Brugge last night, we headed off to Den Arteste for a wonderful steak and then had a few beers at the bar. Today has been fairly sedate. After a continental breakfast an a beer with Tim and Janet and a gathering of the other regulars from the bar, we went and did a bit of shopping and then headed back to the hotel for a swim and a nap.

This evening we had a big bowl of pasta at de Waterhoose and had a Panakoeken (Mine was with Ice Cream and Chocolate sauce!) before heading over to the bar. The restaurant was still done-up with its Christmas Decorations and it was lovely. The place looked like Narnia with polar bears, white and fleecy decorations, everything!
The last night party was good, there was time to win a beer from Tim at cribbage, and then to have a grudge match with Terry. The point is not who won or lost in the two matches that Terry and I played, the point was that I got to play cribbage!

It was a late night and the whole crowd was feeling no pain by the close. After the bar closed, I went to go for a walk and get some fresh air (again, what is with all the smokers in Europe? Has nobody over hear every heard of emphysema?) and on the way back to the hotel, I passed a dance bar that had some wonderful music coming out the door. I went in to dance... but that is another story. Suffice it to say that it was after 03:00 when I returned to my hotel.

I hope that your day was as pleasant!

Don Bergquist - 22-January-2006 - Oostende, Belgium

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