Saturday, October 11, 2008

Front/Cold Front

Either two distinct fronts are passing over Lakewood, changing the weather slowly and in stages as they go, or the front is moving slowly. Very slowly! The cloud cover started building on Thursday evening. The deep azure fall skies turning first blotchy with white clouds, then splotchy with holes in solid cloud banks until Friday morning the skies were a deep, disquieted gray.

The temperatures continued to hover up in the middle sixties in the daytime, but there was no sun to be had... This morning, I had to pop out to the car for my iPod (listening to podcasts while cleaning the house, don't ya know!) and the weather was still fairly warm, but foggy.

Well, Saga and I have just finished our daily early morning inspection of her park. It's fraking cold out there! Saga looked at me with disgust as she waited for me to open the front gate so we could get out and cross the road into the greenbelt.

The fog had turned into what my British fiends used to refer to as "mizzle" - that sort of heavy fog that turns to a mist... the droplets clinging to the slightest updraft in an effort to stay suspended; to heavy to be a fog, more of a mist really but too atomized to be called a drizzle. Mizzle!

Poor little thing! Saga kept pressing on, spending her good, sweet time sniffing all the interesting blades of grass, but visibly torn, wanting to head back into the warm of her duvet by the window. She would periodically shake her self off as the mizzle worked its magic, soaking into her undercoat. Eventually, she reached that point at which her desire to be warm and dry outweighed her desire to explore the park. She nearly ripped my arm out with her sudden bolt for the house.

Today is a good day to be inside. It is a good day for housework and projects - so I plan to accomplish absolutely nothing today! Knowing that any plan I make (plans for my weekends, vacations, pretty much any private plans I make) tend to go wrong. Sometimes in interesting ways, some times in horrible ways, other times they just fizzle and go nowhere. So, today I plan to do absolutely nothing! Good plan, eh?

But has just turned six and if I am going to get all the nothing done that I want to, I need to get to the Home Depot.  So, I had better wrap this up for now.

Wherever you are, I hope that you have a good day and a lovely weekend!

Don Bergquist - October 11, 2008 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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