Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday in the Rain

According to the news, the sunrise this morning was spectacular due in no small part to the heavy cloud cover that we are under. Not that I was up anywhere near sunrise this morning (which happened some time around 04:30 BST - at which time I was still hugging my pillows) and that it was probably the last of the little sunshine that any of us would see today.

I finally awoke around 06:45 to the sound of a brilliant downpour hitting the windows. The rain, which is welcome because we need the water, was enough to encourage me to pull the duvet up around my shoulders and drift off again for a nap.

At around 08:00 I finally shed the covers, got dressed and headed downstairs. A quick breakfast of coffee and toast later and I was on the road. Taking advantage of a break between the downpours (or so I thought) to get a ride in.

Around the point that I was reaching the farthest point in my circuit (in the area of New Malden) it started to rain. No, not so much "rain" as "pour!" It was an all-out deluge, so quick, that I had no time to look for shelter before I was completely drenched. By the time I got to a bus shelter, the rain had ended. I decided to keep going.

I wrapped-up my ride without getting soaked again and warmed-up to a long hot shower. Ah! The pleasures of a long hot shower after a work-out! This afternoon, I'm planning on going into town and going to the Tate Modern. There is an exhibition of photography there that I want to see.

I suppose I should make hay while the sun shines (literally - the sun is shining!) and head into town.

Wherever you are, I hope that you have some simple pleasure to savor!

Don Bergquist - 16 June 2007 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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