Sunday, March 11, 2012

Travelogue: Australia – Walkabout (Part II)

Today the plan is to make it over across Darling Harbour to the fish markets. According to the concierge who has been helping me with my itinerary for the weekend, they can be interesting early in the morning as they are setting-up for the day and having their auction for the restaurants. I also want to walk across the Harbour Bride to Manning and climb the bridge pylon. There is a museum there that has info about the building of the bridge which Andrew recommended as an interesting stop.

So far, he has not steered me wrong, his recommendation for yesterday, the walk through the botanical gardens, visiting the opera house, and walking around the point was really a great itinerary.

I could not have asked for better weather for it either! The temperatures yesterday were in the low-to-mid seventies and the sun shone all day. There was a pleasant breeze blowing off the ocean as I was walking, not really a wind to make the walk bothersome, but a nice, cooling breeze. It was quite nice!

The one thing that I did decide that I should have done is grabbed a hat from somewhere! I was so sunburned by the time that I returned to the hotel that it was obvious I had made the omission. I stopped into a couple places looking for a hat with a brim yesterday afternoon to try and minimize the damage. Looking in the mirror over the desk, it is obvious I got sun, but it doesn’t look too bad. And it is not bad enough to actually hurt, so perhaps I got that hat soon enough after-all.

One of the highlights of yesterday’s walkabout (from a humor standpoint) was learning that it is universal! I was on the ferry from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour.

“Are we there yet?” Came the plaintive cry from the boy, bored with the journey. And then to his parents’ negative response: “Well, when are we gonna get there?”

I looked over in the direction of the comments. The family was sitting a couple rows away from me; they were all dressed for a Saturday outing. The father, mother, daughter, and three sons; something struck me as somewhat familiar about them. I still can’t put my finger on it!

Wherever you are today I hope that you’re eager to get where you’re going and enjoying the journey!

Don Bergquist – 11 March 2012 – Sydney, NSW, Australia

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