Monday, March 26, 2012

Travelogue: Australia – Murramarang National Park (Part 1: Perfect Weather!)

This weekend’s side trip is to Murramarang National Park, on Australia’s eastern coast in New South Wales. I rented a car and, after taking a day to practice and get my left-hand-lane driving skills back, I set off for the coast on Sunday morning.

Accompanying me on this side trip was one of my colleagues here from the London office. We loaded the car and set-out on our trip at about half-ten which is late for me to start on a road trip, but was about perfect for the day we had!

While the trip started under somewhat overcast skies, the drive east took us across the lovely floors of green valleys, and over the rustic hills of the eastern countryside. By the time we had been on the road for about an hour, it was a bright, clear, mostly sunny day!
The roads were, for the most part, quite good! We had a few places where road works delayed us and where we had a bit of rough road to deal with, but it didn’t add more than ten or fifteen minutes to the entire four-hours of drive time (about 02:15 each way).

On the way down to the coast my colleague navigated and kept me on course (and more than once made me aware of things that I would have otherwise missed seeing as I was concentrating on the road).

At the end of the drive, was the amazing views of the Pacific. How breathtakingly beautiful! 

And on the way back, a bit more comfortable with the route (I made one wrong turning, but it just took us to South Canberra instead of North Canberra – so, no biggie) we swapped jokes for most of the trip!

Between the company, the drive, and the day, it was an excellent day – I facetiously apologized to my colleague that we’d had such a bummer of a day and that the weather was so horrible! We had a chuckle and agreed that it had been an excellent day!

Wherever you are this morning I hope that your weekend was as perfect!

Don Bergquist – 26 March 2012 – Canberra, ACT, Australia

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