Saturday, March 31, 2012

Travelogue: Australia – Off To Uluru – More Later!

I have no idea if I will have time or capability to post pictures this weekend, I will be a bit rushed, as it is a long flight to the center of Australia and Back. To put it in perspective, based on my limited understand of the area – by which I mean I have looked at a map and have a general idea of where things are and how big the place I am visiting is – it is a bit like being on a business trip to Tallahassee, FL, and then taking a side-trip to Cheyenne, WY for the weekend.

Take a look at this comparison to the size of the contiguous US I found online. It takes a good three hours to fly there, but at least I don’t have to change planes in Atlanta, instead I am headed there through Sydney! (Yeah!)

By the time this posts, I should be there and relaxing in the pool. Tonight, I have a sunset dinner under the rock followed by stargazing and port. Then tomorrow a sunrise breakfast with a stop by for some hiking around the rock before heading back. I am informed by the research I have done that these two are the two not to be missed times for Uluru.

If I have any time and connectivity, please look for postings from the hotel. Otherwise, look for stories when I return.

Wherever you are this morning I hope that you are experiencing an excellent weekend!

Don Bergquist – 31 March 2012 – Canberra, ACT, Australia

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