Saturday, March 10, 2012

Travelogue: Australia – Walkabout (Part I)

According to my watch, it is early in the afternoon. So why is it dark outside?

Ah! That’s it. I’m in Sydney and my watch is still set to Denver time. My watch believes it to be Friday afternoon and in reality it is (for me) now Saturday morning. That explains it!

Well, I’m here! Flight arrived in Sydney on time, which – considering the slop time that airlines build into their schedules so that they can always claim early-to-on-time arrivals – means we were late. After going through Passport Control and clearing Customs, I made my way to the cab queue.

The queue was a collection of stanchions under a canopy in the palm-tree shaded forecourt of the airport – add a clown saying that “you must be this tall to hire a car” and you’d have the world’s worst Disney impersonation! But I digress…

I checked into the hotel, took a shower, a swim, and changed into fresh business clothing and made it to the office I took a few meetings with the staff, discussed some things that needed to be done for the coming visit to the client and met with all the other people in Australia for this project.

Then, after a happy hour at the office, made my way back to the hotel for some sleep! I took one of the pills my doctor had prescribed to help me try to sleep on the plane. If they had had any effect on the plane, I missed it. It worked last night though!

Today’s agenda is full of sight-seeing. One of my rules of travel is this: If your hotel has a Concierge, befriend him. The concierge is a great source of things to do and will happily recommend things that are to suit your likings. If you’re looking for the Tourist highlights to something more off-the-beaten path, this should be your first stop.

The concierge on duty this morning was Andrew. The restaurant was yet to open so he directed me to a coffee shop that was already open, and on my return, hot cup of the elixir of life in-hand, he scoped-out a morning’s excursion for me. It looks like fun!

In fact, why am I sitting here? I have a new city to explore outside! The sun is coming up, it is time to get to it!

Wherever you are today I hope the plan for your weekend is an exciting one!

Don Bergquist – 10 March 2012 – Sydney, NSW, Australia

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