Thursday, March 08, 2012

Travelogue: Australia – No Such Day Exists…

I wish that this trip had gone forward when it was initially scheduled. Had it, this column would be being written about the 16th of February 2012 instead of the 08th of March! This may not seem a big deal to you, but as that was my fiftieth birthday, it is a big deal to me!

You see, during this flight I am crossing the International Date Line headed west. From my perspective, I lose a day… it never happens. I get on the plane on the 07th, fly a full day, and get off the plane two days later on the 10th.

Of course, it all balances out; on my way home I have to live through the day twice. I’ll be leaving my hotel on that Friday morning, travel 28 hours – crossing the International Date Line headed east this time, and then arrive at my home in Denver that Friday afternoon.

So, for me, today never existed! IF this had been 16 February, I could have, with impunity, declared that my 50th birthday never happened and so I was still in my 40s! But it is not to be.

Ah, but I can wish! Timing!

Wherever you are today I hope it happens for you!

Don Bergquist – 08 March 2012 – Temporarily Removed From Space/Time – Aboard UA0863 Bound For Sydney, NSW, Australia

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