Friday, March 09, 2012

Travelogue: Australia – Sleep (?)

This is the typical mid-flight screed about how I find it next-to-impossible to sleep on flights. What a bummer! The one time I have ever slept on a plane was that one time my friends had me visit a quack in South Africa that would prescribe anything to anyone.

I took THAT pill and was out like a light for most of the duration of the eleven-hour flight. If the pills my doctor prescribed me had worked like that I would not be staring out the window right now at an expanse of black ocean below and a smattering of stars above.

I would imagine that we are somewhere over the southern half of the Pacific by now. The clock on my tablet tells me that we still have six hours of flight time. I’ve finished the book club book, watched a couple movies, and played a few games and it has only been eight hours. This is going to be a long flight. I guess it is back to movies; they seem to help the time pass!

So I would sleep, mind you, but…

Wherever you are today I hope that the boring parts of your day pass quickly!

Don Bergquist – 09 March 2012 – Aboard UA0863 Bound For Sydney, NSW, Australia

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