Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Working From Home

Some times it is good to have a job that allows me to periodically work from home. It is a nice change not having to get dressed-up (not that I ever do any more… the Denver office, while not nearly as laid-back and casual as the Thames Ditton office, is still pretty casual), drive into the office and sit at my desk in town.

I would not want to work from home every day, but occasionally, it is nice not to have to fight the traffic. It's also nice to have someone who absolutely adores me (most of the time) lay at my feet if I spend too much uninterrupted time at the keyboard. Saga makes sure that every couple hours or so I walk downstairs for a cup of coffee for myself and a cookie for her.

Besides that, the two hours I don't spend commuting, I spend on projects around the house. It's just after lunchtime and I have already put in nine good hours of productive testing. I am now shutting down the computer to do some projects I have backed-up in my "Home Work To Be Done" queue and then to run some errands.

I hope that wherever you are today, you day is a productive one… personally as well as professionally.

Don Bergquist – January 16, 2008 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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