Thursday, May 10, 2007


It could have happened at any time. The fact that it happened when it did I ascribe to complete total blind luck. Had it happened on one of my weekend bike rides, say when I am running down the hill into Berrylands (where I get up to speeds approaching 25 miles per hour) it would have been bad!

As it was, when the saddle bolt sheared on my bicycle yesterday as I was riding back to the office after lunch, while being a bit inconvenient and slightly painful, it was not as bas as it could have been. All that happened was that I took a slight tumble onto the pavement, slightly bruised my hip, broke one of my cufflinks and ended-up with a pocket full of grapefruit juice.

The last item on the list may seem a strange result of the incident but it was due to the fact that I had put a grapefruit into my jacket pocket to serve as a late afternoon snack at the office.

I went into Kingston-upon-Thames after work yesterday afternoon (yes, walking there in the rain) to get a replacement part. After my return, I did some maintenance and my bicycle is now as right as rain. (Which is pretty right here in the UK at this time of year!) Now when my hip stops hurting, it'll all be behind me!

I hope that wherever you are today, you'll have a great day and that any tumbles you take are intentional!

Don Bergquist - 10 May 2007 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom

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