Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

The ironic thing is that I dreamed that I would be driving to Huntsville alone. (Seriously, you can ask my best friend, Fritz… I told him this morning that I had dreamed it last night!)

But the morning was going according to the schedule until about fifteen minutes after Mary and I had met and headed north. It was then that she received the call. She would have to go back south again. I understand fully why she had to and even offered to have her turn around immediately. “I can always drive north from the Tampa Airport in a rental.” I told her as we zoomed along Interstate 75.

“Really!” I assured her… “I have no problem with that.”

In the end, we parted at the Gainesville airport; Mary headed south and I north. The fares of last week, having been largely contained, gave me no problem. I made it to Huntsville, Alabama in just over twelve hours of driving… Had I not stopped for that rest and stretch back in the Florida Pan Handle, I would have arrived around 07:00 PM instead of just after 08:00.

The hotel is a complete dump. I am sitting on a chair in the corner and looking at the stained, disheveled room which is sorely in need of repairs. It reeks of cheap air freshener… were it not that I am so damn tired, I would check-out now and look for a good hotel. As it is, I need some sleep.

- - - - -

I cannot believe I slept here last night! That will be the only night I sleep here. When I get-together with my brother, I will be chatting about getting into some other hotel. One that does not make my skin crawl!

Wherever tonight finds you, I hope that you are safe, comfortable and happy.

Don Bergquist - May 24, 2007 - Huntsville, Alabama

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