Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Vacation – Driving East

Perhaps there is something to the crackpot Biorhythm beliefs of the 60’s or 70’s. For those of you too young to remember Biorhythms, the theory goes something like this: every person inherits a set of sine waves that they cycle through endlessly throughout their lives. As far as I can remember, these cycles depended on nothing more than the time at which you were born and once started, never varied. I would rather think along these lines than think that perhaps Kathi is right and there is something fundamentally wrong with me as an individual.

Sunrise Over Colorado

I am thinking of Biorhythms and whether they explain my oddities because it is now almost 05:30 and I am somewhere south of Pueblo, Colorado watching the sunrise over the eastern planes. Raton Pass rises off to the south of me and beacons me on. I am driving east to the graduation of my second niece (Sarah’s) graduation. I love driving early. I left later than I wanted to… I was hoping to be in Raton Pass for this moment, but here I sit by the side of the road somewhere near Walsenburg.

I would rather believe that the reason that I get my love of being up to see sites like this because forty-some-odd years ago I awakened my mother at some ungodly early hour to get into this world and set in motion a steady oscillation that makes me crazy enough to find the early morning hours almost irresistibly attractive. Were I any kind of an artist, I would argue that I get up early on purely aesthetic grounds. Of course, Kathi could be entirely accurate. I could be just some kind of freak of nature that has an irrational need to leave the safety and comfort of a warm bed when rolling over and getting a few more hours sleep would be a far more sensible thing to do.

I left home a bit later than I wanted to this morning. I had intended to be driving south by 03:00 but Saga was a bit hesitant to avail herself of the grass in the park as quickly as I would have liked. I also wanted to make sure that I had not forgotten anything. I spent a few extra minutes getting some extra maps together so that I could have an alternate route should I need it. I have a long day of driving ahead of me. I hope to be east of Little Rock before I stop for the evening so I guess I had best be getting back on the road.

I have a full day of audio books queued for my listening pleasure. I will be listening to Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen and To the Stars by L. Ron Hubbard before I stop tonight.

Have a great day! Stay well!

Don Bergquist – Walsenburg, Colorado – 17, May, 2005

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