Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Bell

This evening I went to a pub in East Molesey that is too cool!

The Bell is a wonderful old building on a quiet back street across from a church. The really interesting thing about it, though, is it looks as if it is frozen in time; caught half way through complete collapse. The walls slant, the floor tilts, there are no truly square windows. The slant is not great in any single surface, but the net effect is incredible. It is just enough to notice, not enough to really be worrying.

I am certain if the building were really falling down and dangerous it would be condemned, or perhaps made a landmark and preserved. I am told that the way to tell you have had a pint too many at The Bell is when the walls and floor look normal, it is time for you to leave. When it was described to me I thought it would be like a carnival funhouse. It was fun but it was no funhouse.

Afterward we went out for Curry. It was a pleasant evening. On the whole, what a nice group of people I have fallen-in with here in the United Kingdom.

I hope wherever you are is as pleasant!

Don Bergquist - 11-May-2005 - Hampton Court

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