Saturday, May 28, 2005

Family Gathering

What kind of moron drives fourteen hours (950 miles – give or take) to attend a party? I do! C’mon! I love my family and it is not like I get to see them as often as I’d like. Besides, there are books on tape to make the trip fly by. I also had Kathi to keep me company and do some of the driving.

The party was a good one. I got to see a number of my family that I rarely get to see. There were, of course, cards and games to play; and the obligatory “Siblings” picture.

Siblings - 2005

The fist of the guests showed-up just about noon. The weather held and we had a lovely day for a party. There were tables out on the lawn for the people who wanted to sit out by the trees, there were games to be played and Auntie Jen brought some of the family scrapbooks that she has been working on!

The kids (as always) wanted to play in the hammock and have one of the “adults” push them. When Uncle Don pushes you, in the words of They Might Be Giants, you have to “…hang on tightly just to keep from being thrown to the wolves.”

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