Friday, May 20, 2005

The Main Event

The Graduate

After changing into our nice casual clothing, we all made our way to the Von Braun Center for the graduation. It was a nice ceremony and far shorter than I remember Elizabeth’s being the year-before-last. That one seemed to go on for ever! My brother confirmed this when I asked about it.

“Yes,” he said “Grissom High School is much larger than Lee High School is.” So I hadn’t imagined it. Sarah’s Graduation was far easier to sit though than Elizabeth’s. Later when eying the Grissom Tigers tee-shirt that my nephew was wearing I asked if there was any chance he wanted to transfer to Lee before he graduates in 2007. Unfortunately, I was informed that there is little-to-no chance of this happening.

After the graduation (for which I apologize – most of the pictures taken in the hall were shaky due to the lighting and the slowness of my camera chip) we went across to the park to take pictures. Those can also be seen at the link above.

We had Chinese for dinner and opened graduation gifts. It was a very nice evening. I have just gotten back from walking Saga and it is now time for bed. I am packed and can have it all back in the car in a matter of minutes so that I can get over to Denis & Helens for brunch before heading back. It should be great fun. The family will be leaving in three directions (West, North and South) after brunch tomorrow. I have about 1,500 miles ahead of me. Dad and Flo have a good two day drive that I estimate must be around 1,200 and Mary has the shortest at what must be around 800. It has been a great visit.

We do not get together often enough!

I hope wherever you are, you have your family close!

Don Bergquist – Huntsville, Alabama – 20, May, 2005

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