Saturday, May 07, 2005

Saturday in the Parks

What a Saturday it has been! The weather was lovely. Like many days that I have been here, the clouds have hung over the city with the threat of rain. But today with the temperatures being mild, and the air relatively dry, rather than feeling oppressive and pendulous, the clouds have given a bit of an interesting sky texturing effect.

I grabbed my cameras early and headed over to Bushy Park, last seen in the throes of the springtime bulbs; it is now colorful with a host of new and interesting flowering plants. I walked the lawns loving the interplay of the light with the surrounding greens and browns of the earth and the trees. The shadows and the reindeer in the park played hide and seek among the lawns at the base of the trees.

In the woodland gardens, there was all quiet and solitude as I walked among the paths I had discovered on my last trip and rediscovered them as clothed in new and more colorful boughs. After walking for a few hours and taking many shots of the gardens, I decided to hunt-out a secluded spot and just meditate on the loveliness of the gardens. I believe that this may have been a mistake.

Bushy Park on a Cloudy Day

This afternoon, you see, I had planned to see the British Museum. I took the train into the city and, on the suggestion of a mate of mine from the pub; I changed to the Victoria tube line at Vauxhall. This was the last set of directions I was to get today that ended with my actually arriving at my intended goal. After alighting from the tube, I asked directions. By dint of following these, I became lost. So I stopped a bobby and asked for directions again. These I repeated and attempted to make sure I had them. The problem is that the part of London where the British Museum is located is not one that lends itself easily to navigation by out-of-towners. Apparently the locals have a time with it as well.

After walking for hours, I found myself in a lovely park with shady trees and benches. I decided to sit for a while and watch the children play. Unfortunately, my earlier relaxation had primed me for enjoying a quiet, contemplative, serene… Okay, I admit it!

I fell asleep. I was so relaxed (and tired) that I just sit there, comfortably reclined on the bench and slumped into slumber. I awoke around sunset and tramped back to the nearest tube stop I could find for the trip back to Hampton Court. By the time I arrived at the pub it was after ten and I had time only to say “Hi” to the few people still there, have a quick pint and head off to the hotel. Of course, my nap means that I am not ready for bed just yet so I have time to write in my blog.

I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are!

Don Bergquist – 07-May-2005 – Hampton Court

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