Saturday, May 21, 2005

Driving West

It was a lovely brunch!

Sara and Elizabeth ran the kitchen while Andrew did the most important job of all: Keeping Uncle Don out of the way!

We had a pleasant last visit of the trip and then all headed our separate ways. I hit some heavy weather early on and decided that it was time for me to stop earlier than I had wanted. I had hoped not to stop until I was west of Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, the weather this morning has put be behind schedule and I decided that it was late enough for me to stop.

I decided this when, after chatting with Kathi on the phone earlier, I realized that I had completely misjudged where I was. I had thought I was through Okalahoma City – perhaps remembering when I passed through it on some other trip – but now that I am in a hotel in Midwest City I guess that I had not made as much mileage as I had hoped.

Well, I guess I will make this short and head off to bed.

I hope your day is going well, wherever you are!

Don Bergquist – Midwest City, Oklahoma – 21, May, 2005

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