Friday, May 13, 2005

Last Day in the UK

I have just re-read the posting from last night. I do not mean to dwell on it, but some people are really tossers!

Today is my last day here for the trip. I leave for the US early Saturday morning. Today I have meetings scheduled for most of the day and when not in meetings I have a lot of projects to complete. This will be a short entry but I will write a nice one on the plane on my way home.

I am looking forward to getting home to my friends, all the people who are special to me back home, my home, my car, my dog, everything that makes my life at home what it is. I love coming here, do not get me wrong. I just love going home too. I wish there were some way I could take everything and every one that makes this place so special to me back to Denver with me. But then, there would be some other place to fuel my wanderlust. I have always been someone who needs to travel periodically.

One last thanks then to those of you who extend your kindness and hospitality to me on my travels here and everywhere else! To those of you back home, please remember, you are what makes it home! I'll see you all soon.

I hope that wherever you are and wherever you are going you find people who make the journey worthwhile!

Don Bergquist - 13-May-2005 - Thames Ditton

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