Sunday, May 29, 2005

Family Homestead

Both sides of my father’s family settled long ago in central Minnesota. The Korkowski’s (Grandma’s Relatives) settled in Millerville; the Bergquists in Parkers Prairie. The Bergquist family homestead is still in the family.

The Bergquist Family Homestead
(Established 1875)

Many of my vacations were spent here at the family homestead. I have it on good authority that my family’s original homestead was actually a couple miles south of its current location. Some day I hope to get more of the family history down and share it online with anyone who is interested.

Today, we went to the family homestead to see my Aunt and Uncle; play some cards; drink some coffee; and do the normal Minnesota things. I took Kathi around the farm showing her the outbuildings, explaining as much of the history as I can remember. It was a lovely day for a visit to the farm. The rain held off until it was time to leave.

I hope your day is lovely wherever you are!

Don Bergquist – 29, May, 2005 – Parkers Prairie, Minnesota

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