Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Travelogue: Australia – What’s In A Name?

If it is true that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, it must be also true that a fart by any other name would still stink! Yes, a name is just a name, but some names are just bad ones!

I have no idea what “The Downer Club” is, but I can see that the name is, at least, apropos!
The place is located next to my hotel, the sign is just standing out there proudly proclaiming its presence: THE DOWNER CLUB! Doesn’t that just make you want to jump-up and put on the dancing shoes? No? Me neither!
It sort-of sounds like a crisis intervention center if you ask me. And not a particularly successful one. “Hi. This is The Downer Club. You think you’re depressed? You have no idea! Talk fast, I’ve just blown-out the pilot light!

…and on the off-chance that you decide to go out to The Downer Club for the evening (or worse yet, completely lose your senses and accept an invite to go there with someone) you may get somewhat excited when you see the sign proudly proclaim the presence of the Canberra Space Dome & Observatory!

Don’t get your hopes up! The truth of it is that you will soon OBSERVE that it is an open SPACE under the DOME of the sky. So, I guess technically…

And not to worry! If you should happen to be worn-out by all the excitement of Canberra’s Space Dome & Observatory, or all the wild times and dancing you are likely to be doing here at The Downer Club, fear not: It is not all non-stop dancing and fun at The Downer – There is a lovely and comfy seating area where you can recover from the manic activity!

Grab a cold one, kick-back, and watch the beautiful people having the times of their lives – or at least, that is what I assume would be going on in this pit – uh, I mean CONVERSATION PIT.

But I will never know the pleasures that are in-store by The Downer Club. I am informed by the desk staff at my hotel that it was torn down years ago! Gee, with a name like that, a night club failed!? Whodathunkit!

Wherever you are this morning I hope are having a great day!.

Don Bergquist – 17 April 2012 – Canberra, ACT, Australia

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