Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wind Storms

I can really tell when I haven't gotten my ride in the day before!

I've been trying to make sure I get a ride in every afternoon after work; at least five miles… usually down to the park where I have to either cross a surface street or turn around. Some times I go the other direction, up to the golf course below the dam. Either way, it's a lovely ride along the greenbelt.

I have found that a good ride in the evening give me time to think, I've made some interesting breakthroughs on the problems I've been mulling over for my projects while navigating the bike path. It's relaxing, and productive!

But I also find that I sleep better when I've had a ride. Too bad it was so horrid when I got home last night. The area was under a huge virga storm and that means wind! The aspens were really whipping about when I got home last night. And when I walked to get the mail, the wind almost knocked me off my feet. I figured it would be too dangerous to ride.

I'm paying for it this morning! I didn't sleep well and am knackered this morning! Ah, well… it's time for work, so off I go!

Wherever you are this morning, I hope you've had a good night's sleep!
Don Bergquist – July 08, 2008 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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