Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Prawn Shack

What a blast! In a trip that has been rife with good times and adventures, today has been another highlight. My friends who have been here before have been trying to tell me about this place but nothing that they said fully captured the spirit of The Prawn Shack fully.

Let's start with our preparations: we hired a local that the owner of the pub recommended as a driver to take us up there and back. This proved to be an excellent preparation as the food and wine flowed the entire time we were there. Around noon, we headed north on the motorway for a leisurely afternoon lunch/diner.

At the risk of sounding like a commercial for the place, you've got to go there! The views of the beach are spectacular, the food is exquisite, and the atmosphere is totally relaxed. We arrived at the beach about an hour north of Ballito and were greeted with a round of Camparinhos.

The bar is literally a shack! It has a sand floor and swings instead of bar stools. After drinks you head up to the deck above the bar to enjoy a leisurely seven courses of the local delicacies. As you can tell from the name, feature heavily. They appeared in four of the seven courses. Heck! There is even a live prawn/tequila shooter.

There is no worry about accidentally breaking dishes either, the bowls are all hewn out of logs, the plates and the glasses are enameled tin. The shot glasses and the fish tank was the only glass I saw there.

The dessert was one that was unusual as well: caramelized camembert! Wheels of cheese covered in sugar, caramelized to a crunchy finish and served with crackers and fruit to top.

What a great afternoon! The staff were friendly and we all had a great time. I so enjoyed myself that I want to share the experience. If you find yourself in the area of Durban and want a thoroughly enjoyable experience, look them up! Their website is the place to get more information:

Wherever you are today, I hope you've had a relaxing, enjoyable day surrounded by friends.

Don Bergquist – 11 November 2007 – Ballito, South Africa


kiff-biff said...

It's so fantastic to come across your write up :)

I have been working with the Prawn Shak over the last couple months doing the PR and events for them. Your explaination is so descriptive that Readers can pretty much FEEL the experience!!

I am so glad you enjoyed your dining experience :)

Come say hi the next time you visit!

Bithia Trenam

Don Bergquist said...


The Prawn Shack was a wonderful experience and although it was on a trip I took to South Africa with friends years ago, it still ranks as one of my fondest memories of that time and of your country.

Having moved back to the states (Colorado) I do not get to your part of the world, much, which is not to say that it is out of the question. I was recently in Australia on business, so as Thomas "Fats" Waller used to say "one never know - do one!?"

I told the wonderful people in Kwa-Zulu Natal when I was there that I had fallen in love with the area and the people and I fully intend and sincerely hope to return one day, when that time comes, I plan to return The Prawn Shack. I hope to be bringing friends and converting others to become devoted fans.

If you start a facebook page, do let me know! I will definitely "friend" you and "like" your page!