Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back In The United Kingdom

We arrived to rain and cold in London. The temperatures were cold enough to make me glad that I had my jacket and long sleeves on when we got off the plane. Brrr!

Once we had all been dropped off and I had checked into the hotel for my last few days in the UK, I headed into the office to catch-up on my emails and see what had happened in my absence.

Back at the hotel this evening, I started uploading my pictures to Shutterfly. Hopefully, I'll have them all uploaded by the end of the week so I can start uploading my blog entries. Until that time, I'll keep my blog on this document and update the blog as soon as I have pictures and links to go with my stories.

I'm so thoroughly knackered… once I have finished the set that is uploading; I'm headed upstairs to bed. It was a great trip and I cannot wait until the next time I visit South Africa! I am sure that I will some day head back. If only because there are so many game parks that I have yet to visit.

Wherever you are today, I hope you have something that you're looking forward to!

Don Bergquist – 20 November 2007 – Hampton Court, Surrey, UK

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