Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving In The United Kingdom

Back home it is the holiday and I guess my family will be gathering at various places for their turkey dinner. My turkey and stuffing came in the form of a Christmas Wrap from Sainsbury's. Turkey with sausage, savory stuffing and cranberry sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla. (It was every bit as unappetizing as it sounds.

I long for a turkey stuffed with Mom's sausage stuffing, real cranberry sauce (the kind the still has the ridges from the camera still imprinted on it as it sits in the serving plate), and pumpkin pie. The closest that I can come up with today is that I am going to have a bowl of pumpkin soup.

I've got a couple more errands to run today and then all I will have left to do before getting on my way back to the states is to close my bank account and get Saga to the vet. Both are scheduled activities for Saturday.

Wherever you are today, I hope you're with your family and friends for Thanksgiving.

Don Bergquist – 22 November 2007 – Hampton Court, Surrey, UK

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