Monday, August 06, 2007


They are predicting today to be the warmest day yet this year. (That isn't really saying much as the year, this far, has been pretty mild!) My morning started early because about 05:30, I heard Saga outside the bedroom door sniffing around and whining quietly. Hopefully, I got up quickly enough to prevent her from waking-up the housemates.

Saga is feeling much better, the drops I gave her have really reduced the affects of her false pregnancy and she often now gets out of her kennel and walks around the house to see what is going on.

Waiting for her downstairs, I discovered that I had had enough sleep for the night so I decided to watch the morning news and check my email. Saga (nearly her old self) came to see if whatever it was I was doing at the computer had something to do with food. Satisfied that the mouse was not a Saga-Snack, she went off to take her morning nap.

Having heard on the BBC that the weather was going to be hot and clear, I popped back upstairs and got into a pair of shorts and a light weight shirt. I was on the road by 08:30. By ten I had already been through New Malden, Kingston, and was on my way through the park. It is lovely out today but even as I was approaching the 20-mile point in my ride I could tell that this afternoon is going to be a hot one.

Now that I am home, have showered, and have a third cup of coffee at hand, I have to make plans for the afternoon. Perhaps I'll take a nap and then a nice lie-in in the recliner out back with a book.

Wherever you are today, I hope you have pleasant and relaxing plans for the afternoon!

Don Bergquist - 05 August 2007 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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