Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday in London

I could not have asked for a better day to visit Central London with my friend, Pieter. The weather was lovely, just enough cloud cover to make the sky photographically interesting, but not threatening. Cool enough to be comfortable but warm enough not to need too many layers.

I've been to Central London a number of times with Colleagues and Friends who are visiting and it never seems to be the same. This time, there was a temporary display of art made from lava rocks and water. (There are pictures of it at the link above.)

We also took in a show at the Tate Modern gallery. (They had a wonderful retrospective of the works of Salvador Dali!) This picture of the domes of Saint Paul's cathedral was taken from in the front of the Tate Modern. I love the juxtaposition of the ancient cathedral with the modern skyline which is so new it is still under construction.

After the show and the walk, we crossed the Millennium Bridge and made our way back toward the hotel. I paused to take this picture from a point of view that few people stop to notice. The lines of the bridge passing over the supports, I though, were interesting. The obelisk that you see is a time-line of British invention. This was not an easy shot to get! I wanted to get a picture without people in it. Unfortunately, owing to how nice the day way, the walk along the river was bustling and I had to stay ready to snap. There are actually people just out of shot on both sides of the frame.

The gardens of Central London were in bloom, there was interesting art and buskers to enjoy on a walk along the Thames. It is surprising where to find things to look at when you are walking along the Thames. There are little niche gardens tucked into hidden little corners along the walk. I found these lilies in a lovely little garden tucked into an alcove along the river by the Blackfriars Tube station.

It was a lovely day, but I walked to much. My tricky knee is going to hurt tomorrow!

Wherever you are today, I hope you've had a day you can enjoy!

Don Bergquist - 28 July 2007 - London, England, UK

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