Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lovely Morning

I had a lovely ride this morning!

The weather held-off until about lunch time allowing me to get about twenty-five miles in. Other than the wanker who walked into the street as I was riding past him and then blamed me, it was a great ride. I kid you not! As I was riding up Surbiton hill (by the Surbiton Rail Station) this total tosser goes and steps off the curb without even looking. No indication that he intended to cross the street, nothing! He was walking along the road and suddenly turns and steps into the street!

"Bloody Hell" he yelled as he kicked my tire, "Watch where you're going! You're a menace!"

(Well, isn't that the pot calling the grass "dope"!?)

Other than that, the entire trip was lovely. I even included a trip down to Walton upon Thames to my ride because the weather was so lovely.

Riding through Bushy Park, while there was another brief encounter with a yobish jogger (he decided to play chicken with me and eventually I was driven off the path) but otherwise, there was nothing to spoil the beautiful morning.

As if to underscore how lovely and relaxing the weekend days could be, this group of deer were seen chillin' out under a tree in the park. They've got the right idea. It put me in a mood to set the folding recliner out in the back garden when I got home and spend the afternoon reading the papers.

But that was not to be. After a long and thoroughly enjoyable ride, Saga and I went for a walk and that was about as long as the weather was going to hold-out for us. Not twenty minutes later, the rain started falling and the rest of the afternoon was on-and-off showers.

Instead of relaxing in the garden, I worked on my computer; organizing files that I have been meaning to set in order and doing some writing (getting my blog ready to post, etc.) instead.

Wherever you are today, I hope your day has been enjoyable, productive, relaxing, or a combination of the three!

Don Bergquist - 15 July 2007 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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