Sunday, November 19, 2006


It has been a great morning. I am looking forward to having a good day. The pub re-opened last night and it is wonderful! The beer is as good as I remembered it and the company is good. The big surprise move is that the pub is now non-smoking. I think I can deal with that… We’ll have to see how it goes.

I got home from the pub around midnight this morning and parked my bike under the stairs. My bags had been packed and in the kitchen since before I headed out to the pub last night and so this morning I had nothing to do but have a bite of breakfast and wait for the car.

On the way to the airport the driver and I had a good discussion on the political issues that are in the news in the UK. The drive went by pretty quickly and clearance through security was no problem at all. I had plenty of time to read whilst awaiting the boarding of my flight.

There were a few people who, apparently thought that they deserved to be upgraded to first class for their troubles today so they spent an inordinate amount of time arguing with the flight staff about why there were not seated in first class. The flight was delayed as four different people (all at least claiming to be employees of the airline) argued their cases for why they should get to sit up front. Whatever!

Anyway, we are now underway and have been so for nearly three hours. We’re somewhere off the coast of Greenland (or perhaps it is Iceland) and I’ve finished the book I brought with me so now it is either get my “Emergency Back-up Book” out of my carry-on or start watching movies. But I tell you, the choices do no look too appealing!

I hope that wherever you are today, you have choices that appeal to you.

Don Bergquist - 19 November 2006 - Somewhere near Iceland (or Greenland), Northwest Airlines Flight 31 Bound for Detroit

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