Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Notes to Self:

It is not often that I use my blog as a bulletin board for posting reminders to myself but today is different. I have so much to do over the next few days that I have decided that this is as good a place as any.

When you spend as much time away from your home as I do, you learn to arrange your life in easily portable units. My tax information, for example (which I have to remember when I get back home to Lakewood) is all neatly organized in easy to carry expanda-file-folders.

My financial records are all stored on a memory chip and backed-up weekly to a second chip and to a secure hard drive. (Oh! I have to make an extra copy to stick in my wallet before I take off! - you know, just in case...)

Then there are the tricks about getting the best seating. You check your seat assignment on the airline website and see that you have a nice clearance around you. (I've got a couple days to do this. I checked back when it first came available but I had best put this on my list as well.)

The hard part about this travel is that I have a "home" on both ends of the trip and I have slowly, but surely, acquired over the year more here than I could possibly carry back on a single trip so the smart thing to do would be for me to cull the wardrobe on this end to just what I think I will need for the next six months and take as much back as I can that I don't think I will need.

(Ooh! I can use the extra space in the luggage coming back to carry stuff that is consumable back here in a couple weeks. That stuff I can't get over here like the shampoo I like, or Triscuits, or Oreos.)

You also find yourself making lots of lists. The list I am working on for this morning has grown to the maximum size I am comfortable with so I guess I had best get my butt into the office and start working on it.

I hope wherever you are today, there is time on your agenda to take time for yourself! Stop and smell the roses! (Yeah... I need to do that too!)

Don Bergquist - 15 November 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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